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Help format and help request that lack any information

(Matthew ) #1

This is less of a rant and rave and more of a lets help each other, help each other. I have seen plenty of post on here that lack any information but are asking for a lot of help. I remember seeing somewhere that there was a template for help and what things to include to help “us” help you. Remember folks the more information you can give the better chance you will have at getting help and diagnosing the problem that ails you. SO please include as much information as possible. Also do everyone a favor and hit up google with a simple search of the issue you are seeing, and do your due diligence and read some of the posts before posting. I am aware that there may be a language barrier among some of us but google translate works great. Might not hurt to run your question through it and post in another language that way folks (like me who are dumb and cant read anything but English) can help you out. Help us help you!!!

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