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Help for pixhawk best setup

(sam) #1

Hi everyone
i am new with multi-rotors and of course pixhawk
my hardware is:
Frame TBS Discovery
Pixhawk FMU
Prop Motor and ESC’s : Combo pack Air gear 350
AT9 Radio Control
and Zippy 3Cell 5000mAh
my flight time is less than 3 mins and i want to Enhance it but i don’t know how?
i do the basic setup of pixhawk and the quad copter is fly stable and good but for 2.5 mins
i set the F/S Voltage on 11.1V for better battery life and quad will back to home by RTL in this Voltage level
i don’t Change any Parameters in pixhawk and they are in default
PLS HELP ME Guys. i don’t know what i must do

(James Mack) #2

11.1 is a very high F/S voltage for a 3S battery. You should start by changing to a 9.9V F/S voltage. I usually run mine at 9.0V, but I’m maybe a bit more aggressive than most.

Nothing you listed seems wrong. The TMotor Air Gear 350 is a great combo and the Zippy 3S battery should treat you well. Depending on the weight, you should be getting 15-20 minute flights with that setup.

If you can, you could post a log (.bin or .tlog) and we could see if there’s anything else wrong.

(Christian Labeck) #3

Hey Sam,

I agree with James that your FS Voltage Threshold is very conservative.

I also run on 3s batteries and I try to get back to the ground (land) by the time the battery is 80% discharged. I have done quite a bit of research on this and I understand if you stay in the range of 80% discharge your battery life is significantly longer. I have done quite a few tests and for my batteries (SLS) it seems that 10.5V as threshold does the trick. When yi fly until FS kicks in, by the time the copter has landed the battery is typically at 80-85% used, so exactly where I want to be…

After several flights in this mode I now know exactly how many minutes I can stay up before the battery is “empty” so i even can land just in time manually and don’t need to rely on FS saving me :slight_smile:

Hope this helps,

(sam) #4

Tnx my friends for helping me
for the battery. i read some notes that the lipo batt’s best drained voltage is 3.7 volt and less than this could harm the battery and and lipo life goes short

and one more question:
by the hardware and the info’s of my multi-rotor, is that any software config’s and parameter should i change in pixhawk for better flight?
sorry friend’s i’m NOOB

(sam) #5

I tasted my pixhawk with new firmware and fresh basic wizard and a full battery. The result was 5 min fly time in loiter mode at 2m altitude with same f/s voltage(11.1) .i will send you a pixhawk memory log for a better analys.
Tnx again

(sam) #6

36.BIN (4.2 MB)
this is the log of my last flight. of course i’m not do the auto tune after setting the basic setup and the PID’s is in default mode