Help for a new user

Hi all,

I just bought a Pixhawk for a custom quadcopter and i tried to make it fly yesterday
but the Copter hardly get up (few centimeters) because it seems that the motors
were not well calibrated.

I have loads of questions about the possibilities i have with mission planner there is
some :

_ Is it recommended to use autotune with a powerfull custom quadcopter (80 cm wide) ?

_ Is there an option to geolocalize the Image not from where the drone is but where the
camera is pointing at (whether using the relief map or using the assumption
that the ground is flat) ?

_ Can i do a custom 3 axis gimbal for a camera with infinite yaw rotation and configure it
with mission planner ?

_ Which video signal is compatible to be sent (HDMI, 3G HD-SDI or USB) ?

Feel free to answer only one question or to give some tracks to follow !
Thank you in advance.

Check the logs to see how much throttle input the FC is seeing from you and what the absolute output is.

Thank you f4ichuck i made it hover at 2 meters height !
The Stabilize mode was too nervous and uncontrollable but the Alt. Hold mode was more easy to use
I had a “error compass” and i supposed that was because the 3DR GPS was too close from the power cables so i made something to put some distance so the interférence went from 40% at max throttle to 10% !

I guess for the PID i’ll have to put lower P as long as Alt. Hold was the smoothest mode and its P was 1 and stabilize was 4.5 (default values).

Hi there !

I got some advance, I did the Autotune Calibration and it is flying well in Alt. Hold.
I was wondering what was the difference between the X and H frame because i first configured it as a X but it’s more a H, indeed it has different lengths between the front/back axis and the left/right axis.
Do i have to autotune again :’( changing the FRAME to 3 (and changing the rotation of the motors) ?