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Help! Fixed Wing Pitch movement (oscillation) on Auto Mode

Hi everybody! I need some help. My fixed wing (delta plane) works perfectly in all the modes. Although I have made an autotune, I’ve not been able to find out why there is a pitch movement when The UAV is flying (when it is on takeoff)… In the video it is possible to see a sudden downward motion when the plane reaches the expected fligth height. Then, it continues flying at the expected height for the mission. Could it be due to a configuration parameter or can it be a consequence of some problem in the plane’s center of gravity?

In the next links will find a video and the params file.

at first glance it seems like your pitch gains might be a little high, but i see your pitch P is set pretty low already. i think we really need a log file to diagnose.

on a sidenote you’ve got ARMING_REQUIRE set to 0 which basically disables the whole arming process. is this intentional?

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