Help Dissecting a Log/bin

Heya All - First Post but LONG time Lurker/Reader. I have a custom Hex running Arducopter using a Holybro Pixhawk 4. I was using Xing 2814 and Turnigy 5S/51Amp basic ESC’s extremely successfully but always wanted a bit more. 3 weeks ago a motor wouldnt spin and I deduced an ESC had blown so I purchased APD F3 80’s. 2 weeks ago it looked all ok and then it oscillated while yawing and fell out of the sky. I dont have the bin file to share on that one (I thought I downloaded and saved it but I mustnt have).

So I had no 2814’s left and if I was going to spend money I thought I may as well get the Xnova 3220 Cinelifters as replacements. Another crash and I didn’t even have it in the air for more than a couple of minutes while I did quick checks. While gentle yawing an oscillation occured again for a second. Again, while yawing it decided to fall out of the sky - This time only a few meteres off the ground.

Bin here

I’m at a bit of a loss here and I honestly dont pretend to be an expert - I learn by burning my fingers. Can someone help me here work out what has happened or what I did wrong. It’s birthday month and I ordered a Pixhawk 6C so I could finally to Dshot and telemetry which arrives tomorrow… Was it Vibrations from the motors/props when they picked up speed? I dunno anymore…

Everything looks good, until it doesn’t. When it starts to go wild there’s a real jump in current and drop in voltage. It doesn’t look like a traditional failure where they just go off line. Vibrations look good, and RC inputs look fine.

Just thinking as I type, any chance a prop came loose?

I would set these before another flight:

I’m not certain this would cause the instant output instability/oscillation but it might.

Thank You for the Sanity Check and excellent suggestion - Each motor still has the props very tightly attached (one prop disintegrated upon hitting the ground and 2 motors burnt out/frozen). I’ll strip the frame apart tonight once i re-cut new motor mounts and check EVERY nut/bolt/screw for signs of failure and report back.

Thanking You Kindly Sir.
I read your responses very closely in ALL posts I read and value your very knowledgeable advice.

When I first swapped ESC’s I actually got close to those values as I had significant Z oscillation on first takeoff. ACCZ_P at 0.17 did my because mission planner range indicates .200 - 1.500.
Result was VERY floaty but controllable - It did fall out of the sky as well which I have the onboard video of but sadly no bin to dissect (I have a regimented process for storing but I have failed, probably moved too quick being anxious to see what was broken).

I attempted to “default” a bit after a motor swap which is probably making this harder for me to diagnose.

New FC today - When the new replacement motors arrive again, I’ll report back.

Appreciate your help!