Help determining the cause of erratic flight using 4.1.5

Need help t understand why this wing (S800) that in the past versions flew well now is erratic. Using V4.1.5beta1 it was fully autotuned without issues but frankly it flew much better in past versions. Because I rarely analyze logs I wonder if there is anyone kind enough to take a look at it and tell me if they see something obvious.

Thank you!

Log of the flight.

I think what you’re seeing is oscillations in the roll. There’s some in pitch but roll is showing up worse. It may help to lower the RLL_RATE_SMAX. It’s currently at the default of 150, so try 140 or 130 and see if that makes a difference. Once you have roll dialed in you may try dropping PTCH_RATE_SMAX down a bit.

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Thank you, will try that.