Help customize MP source code

Hello guys, I want to change the settings on mission planner grid maker.

What I want to do is a simple thing, but I cant find the root on source code.

What I want to do is, instead let mission planner calculate the amount pictures , using altitude and camera info (focal lenght, sensor width and height…), I want to set the picture amount by my self.

I dont want to set camera info to determine how many pictures my camera will shot, I just want to set the amount and thats it, even if I change the altitude or distance between lines, the pictures amount will always be the number that i’ve setted.

I’m not skilled on development, please, someone help me!


I would start from the SimpleGrid plugin. (ExtLibs/SimpleGrid)

Thanks for you help.

There is no SimpleGird inside ExtLibs.

But i’ve found inside the folder Plugins.

As I said, i’m not skilled on this thing,
I would be very glad if you give me more informations how to do.


Well, Mission Planner is not an app where you should start learn C#.
I suggest to sharpen your c# programming skills on other projects then visit back MP.

Not too skilled doesnt mean dont know at all…

Im not trying to learn C# with MP, I was expecting that someone could help doing or showing the path for me.

you can do this already, just change the camera to nothing, and then you can override the calculated values

Thanks for your replay Michael.

I’ve tried to do as you said, but I still cant override the values, maybe i’m doing something wrong.

Can you be more clear and tell me which param should I override to change the pictures amount?

Thanks again.