HELP CUAV integrator Receiver ONE BOX Mavlink 5.8G

Hello all, I bought this article in alliexpres a video receiver fpv + data transmission which was able to connect well and see the perfect image without cuts up to 2km through tower but I can not connect with my normal telemetry of 433mhz according to report I just have to turn on the device connect the cable select 3dr or xbee and connect via usb but my telemetry air 433mhz its light is flashing and does not fix as when i connect with my normal telemetry a2g0s.9042311.0.0.bqbq3k

anyone can have a help on how to connect this apparatus with my air telemetry of 433mhz or 915mhz

Rx should go to tx and tx to rx

you have to update the 433 internal mavlink module to the exact same firmware as you the air unit for that you have to flash the module via mavlink manually useing rx and tx ports