Help connecting SITL to RealFlight 9.5S

I’m trying to get SITL working with RealFlight 9,5S. It seems to connect ok using FlightAxis following the instructions on the wiki, but when I try to fly a mission the plane doesn’t take off and flies itself into the ground. Here is a video of what happens: Dropbox - log_1_2022-3-9-20-56-18.bin - Simplify your life

I can fly the “plane” ok with my transmitter. Can anyone help me to understand what I’m doing wrong?

Oh - I am running RealFlight on Windows 11 in a Parallels VM (at and starting sitl using:
…/tools/autotest/ -f flightaxis: --console

Here is the same video on YouTube RealFlight FlightAxis SITL fail - YouTube

Is the elevator reversed? A log would help.

It might be I guess. Do I have to do all the basic setup on the sim like I would on a real plane? The docs don’t say anything about needing to do that, but I was wondering …

Here is a log, what am I looking for? Dropbox - 00000002.BIN - Simplify your life

Which RealFlight model are you using? If you got it from the SITL_Models repo, there should be a parameter file to go with it. If not, you can set it up exactly the same way you would a real model, then check in manual mode to see if the control surfaces do what you expect.
I like to use the “chase” view in RealFlight to zoom in on the model so I can see the control surfaces and tilt mechanism better.

I’m using an AeroScout model I got from the KnifeEdge swaps page because that’s the plane I have my PixRacer in AeroScout hand launch_EA | Knife Edge Forums
I didn’t realize I needed to do anything beyond just load the model. The docs is all about some quadcopter which this is not, it’s a plane.

Is there anything that explains what parameters I need to set up?

I don’t think there’s any wiki material on making RealFlight models yet.
You need to use the Realflight model editor to see which channel each servo is connected to and set your ArduPilot parameters to match. It’s similar to the process you would use when configuring a real model.

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