Help binding/communicating APM 2.6 to DX6 using PPM


I am getting into drone building, and to start with a bought a used DIY drone from a drone store. It turns out their staff person familiar with APM left the company so they are not able to provide helpful support!

I dont see a way to attach photos but would be happy to email some out.

I think my receiver is a lemon RX 8 channel PPM as shown here:

There is also a lemon sattelite unit attached to it.

Binding: online videos show a binding plug being used, the drone store says that you have to use an special little device and with a separate battery. Are there special instructions for binding PPM receivers? Does the main receiver or the satellite or both need to be bound? I have had trouble researching this.

Communications: At the store the controller did seem to be bound to the quad copter (it said bind was successful). With the drone linked to mission planner I tried to run radio calibration - but nothing moved at all. We tried binding a few time to the receiver and the satellite, but nothing would make those bars move. Are there other settings in mission planner, and or in the DX6 that I need to check? They had left the DX6 set to airplane and not quadcopter, but thats doesnt seem like it would cause this problem. Other good sources for info on this?

The drone is running the most up-to-date firmware APM 2.6 can handle, and the receiver is wired to the first set of input pins with a jumper between the top pins of the second and third channels.

Please let me know if there is more info I can provide or if pics would be helpful.

Thanks for any help!


In case anyone ends up finding this post for help:

The bind cable is a super simple cable that jumpers from the 1st to the 3rd pin. I made one with some wire and electrical tape. Some of the video make it look complicated - needing to provide the receiver with power from another battery. If you dont have a pile of spare parts you can just power the receiver through the flight control board - that is powered by USB. Dont have the battery attached to the quad copter.

The bind process was not that hard, but have to be careful about power cycling both the transmitter and receiver after doing it.