Help Ardupilot APM2.x on Arduino

Hello, trying to know how to compile Ardupilot APM2.x on Arduino

I did the instruction bellow step by step: … o-windows/

On Arduino, when I try to open the sketchbook, I do not have access to “ArduCopter” project like explain in the tutorial?

Could someone help me?

Or should I compile using Eclispe or visual Studio instead of Arduino?

I had the same problem and i did a clean start of the guide once again in a different location in my drive and also i use the github app instead of Git app and it worked for me like a charm.

I encounter the same problem! Can someone tell whats the problem really is?
Thanks in advance!

How I understand:
For APM the you should check out 3.2.1.
you can download it from github.
then following the wiki page to download the arduino IDE(special version) and you can build the firmware without any problem.