HELP! APM planner 2 gimbal setup

Hi, I have managed to get a 2-axis servo gimbal working but only through the advanced parameters list. I found that when i used the camera gimbal page i couldnt get the tilt to reverse, I changed it in adv. params but then as soon as i went back to the cam gimbal page it would be moving the wrong way again, even after i had written the parameters to the quadcopter. I have both axis going the right way now but im using 180 degree servos so they are over correcting. How can i turn down the servo so that it doesant over correct?
Thanks in advance :confused:


I experience a problem similar to yours: it’s impossible to reverse a servo through the “Camera Gimbal” page. I think I found the problem to this. When you go in the “Full Parameter List”, and you take a look at the description of any “RCx_REV”, the value is either -1 (reverse) or 0 (normal. However, this value is set to either 0 (reverse -> wrong) or 1 (normal) when making this change through the "Camera Gimbal"page.,

This need to be fixed in APM planner 2.0. I did check if Mission Planner had the same problem, but it works fine!

I hope this help you.

This is fixed in the next official release, or you can try the fix by downloading a daily build