Help analyzing crash log - EKF3 laneswitch1

Plane S800 WING / FC Matek F765-WING, with GPS and Compass / Arduplane ver 4.1.7

Hello all,
I would appreciate some help analyzing a crash I had recently.

The flight progressed as such,
Take-off in FWBA and switching to CRUISE with no problems.
Then the plane began to roll to the left and it didn’t seem to respond to rc inputs anymore.
Switching to MANUAL I was unfortunately, not able to safe the plane and it crashed hard into the ground.

I’ve flown the plane for some hours now, without any similar issues.

Looking at the log I notice an initial message about EKF3 lane switch1 and later there are several messages regarding EKF3 IMU0/1 yaw aligned to GPS velocity followed by several AHRS: DCM active and AHRS: EKF3 messages.
I although think the last messages were logged after the plane crashed.

Can someone have a look at the log and see whether there was some obvious fault that triggered the issue?

I’ve uploaded both the log from the crash as well as a log from a good flight a week before, to my Google drive. No parameters/physical changes were made between the flights.
Link to logs


I have the same problem as you. with my vtol In tests last week with version 4.3.1 in Q haver mode, the plane started rotating in one direction after hovering, which was solved by disabling the internal compass and returning to the previous configuration. When flying as an airplane, after a few minutes, the airplane has a problem in turning and starts turning clockwise without paying attention to the rc commands, and I have to go back to q mode! This is repeated in all fbwa/fbwb/acro/STABILIZE/manual modes.

I checked the hardware and the correctness of the commands as well. The only thing I found is a mess in the compass data, which almost always occurs after changing to any aircraft mode. The external compass is about forty centimeters away from the engine and speed controller of the plane and I have no idea why this happens.

I am putting the images of the analyzes of three flights and the log file of one of them here, so that if possible, someone can guide me about it. I greatly appreciate anyone’s help.