Help analysing EKF crash in log

Could someone please have a look at this log file which is from an aerobatic flight. I’ve beeen struggling with isolating this problem for months and getting nowhere.

I’m getting small glitches in the log readings occasionally, but there is a major crashing of the EKF at 38:30 when viewed in

The Vibe.x, y and z are all under 5, the number of satellites drops to 7 at the point that the EKF crashes - the aircraft was upside down… The GPS alt and the Baro alt roughly match. The GPS position seems to be OK. The XKF3.IPN and IPE freak out at 38.30, but I can’t find anything which points to the cause. I suspect the accelerometers and/or vibration, but nothing I can see indicates that.

Can someone point me in the right direction please.