Helicopter SITL simulation in Xplane

Hello everybody. When I had spare I tried to make some simulation of default RC helicopter in Xplane. But he acts so unnatural. . When he tries to make a turn on the point he will somehow pass the point but he cant keep direction for yaw.
Bell’s Helicopter looks nice with given parameter file from tridge site.

So should I try to make pids better or it is some kind of problem with RC model?

Best regards, Nikita.

It might be too late for an answer for you but maybe my insights will help someone in the future,

It has been over a year since I’ve been doing SITL in Xplane but from what I remember the helicopter models were behaving very unnatural. Most of them felt like modified fixed wing models (especially at higher speeds).

I never tried the parameters from Tridge site, if I was still working with xPlane I would definitely give them a go. The most realistic helicopter in terms of handling I managed to find was Bell 407 from Dreamfoil. There are some drawbacks for using this model as an RC though:

  1. It’s huge, so I bet it will react differently than RC model would
  2. It’s quite easy to put too mach torque on the engine and crash

Out of curiosity: did you find any suitable model yet?

Hello, I tried to start with parameteres from Tridge site. After some modifications, it became more natural, but I need to work more.