Heli Setup page with some parameters canceled

Why at heli setup page have some parameters canceled?

The parameters will either be greyed out or available depending on whether you’re using software version 4.1 and earlier, or 4.2. I have changed how the collective is set up and there is a new governor with different settings in 4.2 And that is why there are parameter changes. Unfortunately you have to go into the full parameter list to look at the different parameters for the governor. I thought these parameters were changed and available in mission planner but it appears that I was mistaken. I will submit a change request to get them added. But in the meantime you will have to use the full parameter tree or full parameter list

@Loren_DS I realized that the latest version of Mission planner that would’ve included these changes has not been released. Please upgrade mission planner to the latest beta. That should at least include most of the changes. If it doesn’t please let me know.

Many thanks @bnsgeyer
BTW: I have been using version 4.1.3 for a long time without any problem. My question is if you think it is necessary to apply this method:

@Loren_DS Well I would suggest you upgrade to at least 4.1.5 which is the last stable point release of 4.1. I had pushed a change in 4.1.5 that affects heli’s.

As far as the false landing detections and the RC function added to allow pilots to enable or disable the landing detection function. I know that landing detection has been a concern in the past due to the setup for the collective pitch that is used as one of the conditions to determine landing. In 4.2, I have changed how the collective is setup which makes setting a default for the landed collective easier because now the autopilot knows what the collective blade pitch is in degrees. So I would recommend moving to 4.2 moreso for the collective setup and better setting of the landed collective.

Many thanks for your information @bnsgeyer

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