Heli Setup page and Helicopter 4.0.0 fw

@zahid02 Zahid, please give me access to your files. Thanks


@zahid02 Zahid,
I looked at your parameters. Most of them look like values I would expect. One thing that looked out of place was your swashplate setup. I see that you are using the linearize servo feature (H_SW_LIN_SVO =1). However your H_COL_XXX params look very high. Typically you would like to keep the H_COL_MID around 1500. I don’t think this is causing any issues that you describe above. it just seems odd to have your settings so far from neutral.

Looking at your traces, I think your ATC_RAT_PIT_VFF and ATC_RAT_RLL_VFF parameter values are too high. the attitude controller seems to be overdriving the aircraft.

You can see how the actual roll rate is so much larger than the desired roll rate. I would suggest that you reduce the VFF. I think 0.11 might be a good start for both pitch and roll. Hover the aircraft in stabilize and make some quick stick inputs to bank the aircraft to 20 deg or so and then pitch inputs to pitch the aircraft nose up or down by 20 deg or so. You can have a little overshoot of the actual above the desired but this is too much. This could help the autopilot control the aircraft better in RTL.