Hee Wing VTOL Ranger - Unflyable

I’m really struggling with this. It flies OK into and down breeze, but cross breeze causes juddering in roll.

This is true for the first couple of minutes, when it goes unstable in pitch trimming itself rearwards with slow reaction to stick movement and the final cut to ground (with a 4S battery showing 3.8v per cell.

Also cannot get OSD visible into HDZero (V3 Race).

Totally lost compared to Betaflight!

Did u do an autotune?
I have been having issues with my T1 VTOL, when I put it in Auto throttle modes like Cruise or fbwb it would dive about a hundred feet and then level off and twitch in the roll for first second or so… Did an autotune and it fixed it and ALL kinds of other problems… I would try that first thing if u hadn’t already.

No, didn’t even know there was one, thanks! :+1: (I was working on the sales statement that it had been tuned and with so many confusing parameters I didn’t dare start!)

It’ll be a few days though, weather forecast is nasty this week. At least that’ll give me time to find out how to do it!! :crazy_face:

Also remember there’s Autotune for forward flight, and also QAutotune for hovering.