Hee Wing Ranger T1 VTOL conversion

First flight done but needs some tuning. Maiden param with some additional untested tweaks attached.

Files here Hee Wing Ranger T1 VTOL Mounts by techspy - Thingiverse
Ranger1stFlt.param (23.3 KB)


saludos podrias echarme un mano y pasarme la configuracion

@jesusgf The configuration is already posted above.

Latest flight. Still needs some tuning. Not sure why it take so long to transition to FW. Possibly the tilt angle or target speed. (The radio speech does not correlate with the actual flight mode).

Can anyone explain why the transition seemed to stall? BIN file HERE I can see the speed seems to flatten out below the target speed. Seems it finally was reached after the turn. Any insight appreciated.

hi @techspy the transition time should be under (Q_TRANSITION_MS). The stall can be ether motor not strong enough to hold weight and speed from plane to tricopter or need to tune PID in tricopter. I am still at the beginner level. Here is my setting and transit flight.
234117032022.param (23.8 KB)

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Would love to try this. Are stock motors ok you think? What servos did you use?

@techspy did you move on to the zmo because this one was disappointing?

Also great job @Chan_nyein_aung on yours as well. I’m wondering if techspy’s tilt design might be more robust. Thoughts?

Any idea on flight times? Battery choice?

Nope. Nothing to do with the performance. I just wanted a larger airframe with longer flight time as well.

Finally a good hover test!

I may have to switch to bigger motors. These 1507-3100kv with 4.1” props are real amp hogs.

Btw I modified Chan’s design and merged it with the nacelles from Stephen Carlson’s mini hawk.

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Thanks for the inspiration guys!


Agree with you. This setup is too small for VTOL, and flight time will be too short.