Heavy copter and deaccelerating


We currently have a quadrocopter with a total takeoff weight of around 10kg.
During missions with a long straight route the copter can reach up to 60km/h. If the next waypoint is for example 90° to the last one the copter needs to actively heavy de-accelerate to be able to fly this corner.
Is there a way to start this de-accelerate phase much earlier so it doesn’t use any power to make the braking?
So he would only use the air resistance to brake to the desire turning speed for the next waypoint?


Hi Andreas_Krauchi

I am facing similar problem in my copter but could not found the answer yet.

The only thing I can think of is putting change speed command shortly before the waypoint to make it slow down. Also, you can play with the WPNAV_ACCEL parameter, lowering it probably.

yes the changespeed works of course but it actively brakes to the set speed and this is not economic…
WPNAV_ACCEL looks interesting need to play with this paramter

That’s the rate at which it will slow down in meters per second per second. Which should address the heavy braking issue

We tried WPNAV_ACCEL, and it works nice so far. Braking before a waypoint works as desired, Smooth. But Accelerating towards the next waypoint comes quite delayed. Sometimes the copter stays in position for 2-3 Seconds before accelerating towards the next waypoint. Any idea why?


Can also play with PHLD_BRAKE_ANGLE and PHLD_BRAKE_RATE. Maybe you can even disable braking by zeroing these two.