Heavy copter (25kg) becomes unstable after encountering wind

our heavy drone has problem with wind, in the wind be very unstable.

it is stable on stabilize mode and if i fly fast and turn it to Alt hold mode or loiter mode, the copter gets unstable (almost crash)and i have to quickly switch to Land mode.

the config is like below:
1- motor - T-Motor U12 90KV Brushless
2- Esc - FLAME 60A 12S V2.0 Multi-Rotor Drone ESC 12S Controller
3- Black cube
4- centre to centre is 1400 mm
5- Prop is 32x11 T-motor

I have attached the all log files for last flight .

LOG folder

please let me know where is the problem.


Hi, I’m having the same issue. Would love to stay on this forum for a solution.

Did you do Autotune?

It did not work for me .

The drone is hybrid drone.

Hello @medusa hello @gotbeeff

did you guys followed Methodically configure and tune ArduCopter ?
Did you use GitHub - ArduPilot/MethodicConfigurator: A clear ArduPilot configuration sequence ?

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There are suggestions above to use AutoTune and then the very extensive Methodical tuning method but really, for new users not very familiar with ArduPilot these are both overkill.

Our tuning instructions are here. There are a number of steps to go through before you hit either of these two suggestions.

@amilcarlucas, I really think we should not recommend that every person with a tuning issue try the methodical method. It’s very complete but too much for most users I think.


Yes @rmackay9, probably most users do not get any issues nor problems using the wiki tuning instructions.
But those users do not come to the forum posting their problems.

The ones that do, and do get problems, need something more elaborated because the method they used obviously did not work.

I do not think that is an overkill (so far no user that used got an unstable vehicle), and some that use the wiki do become unstable (because often required steps are skipped).
But I do plan to post a shorter version that stops before the autotune and relies only on the quick tune.

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I went through it .

I am going to redo it.

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If you already did the Tuning — Copter documentation and it did not work for you, it’s time to do the more comprehensive How to methodically tune (almost) any multicopter using ArduCopter 4.4.x

Repeating the same steps and expecting a different result … is not the best solution :slight_smile:


I found out the issue

1- Flight controller was using internal compass
2- we had issue with our engine controller to stabilize and maintain the voltage on 49 volt
3- the body was not rigid enough due to the loosen screws (after lots flights)

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Good to hear that you found your issues.

and good to see that all are addressed in the Blog post :stuck_out_tongue:

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