Heading does not change in Auto mode

I swapped my hexa for a y-hexa configuration. Everything is working great in the new frame, in stabilize or loiter mode the pilot can yaw, pitch and roll, etc. With 4S, 8000 mAh batteries and 11" props the vehicle zooms through the sky like a hive of angry bees.

I am running APM 3.1.5 and have used both APM 2.0.11 and Mission Planner 1.3.10 to create waypoint missions.

In Auto mode, however, the vehicle never changes heading. I can set the WP_YAW_BEHAVIOR to “face next waypoint”, but the vehicle heading stays in whatever orientation it was in when I change it to “Auto” mode.

If I use DO_SET_ROI during the mission it results in the same thing. The vehicle heading stays in whatever orientation it was in when the mission started.

I know I’m missing something stupid here, I just can’t figure out what. I would like to be able to use the DO_SET_ROI feature to manage the yaw during the mission so that I can manage the camera angle.

Interestingly, I had this working great on my original hexa frame, but when I re-flashed the APM from 3.0.1 to 3.1.5 I decided to re-initialize all of the parameters and tune the vehicle from scratch.

Since then, the vehicle won’t change its heading in Auto mode.

Any ideas?

I went ahead and upgraded to 3.2 (so I could set ROI once and forget it).

Wiped the EEPROM, calibrated it, tuned it and it flys great now.

Don’t know what the problem was, but that seems to have fixed it.