Head tracking for O3 Air Unit on helicopter

I’d like to install a DJI O3 Air Unit and Motionsic B.A.G. with head tracking into the sacrificial 450L kit I just got in order to experiment with ArduCopter, but have an old radio and am unsure if or how I’ll get it to communicate with the pan and tilt servos.

Does anyone have any suggested means of getting head tracking to work with my old JR X9503 radio with training port?

I’ve been reading about the Head Tracker v2.1 project.

Their website states a supported radio “must support Trainer input functionality (PPM, SBUS or Bluetooth). Most radios support trainer using PPM with a 3.5mm head phone connector”:

My radio has all of that, but I’m not 100% sure if it would work.

If I can’t find a solution, I guess I’ll have to go crazy trying to select another radio system.

For a related question: Has anyone figured out how to get the head tracking signal sent to the O3 Air Unit from Googles 2 into a flight controller and then out to two servo ports?

Seems like a shame to have to buy components to enable head tracking when the DJI Goggles 2 already have the means to do so if they can communicate with the flight controller.

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have a look at this guys setup Tutorials – Medlin Drone I have used this setup on a betaflight quad but there is 0 reason it will not also work on ardu related as well. I have 3d printed a servo based tracker and have it on my rover just haven’t setup the headtracker with ardu yet due to time issues.

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