HD and MSP-Displayport OSD, on a Matek F405-SE FC

I have a Matek F405-SE FC running arduplane 4.2.3, i have a DJI vista connected to it for OSD. I have configured msp displayport with settings MSP-TYPE=5 & SERIALX_PROTOCAL=42, and it will not display an OSD in the goggles. I’m using the fpv-wft.

btw I have this same setup on 3 other arduplanes and 4 copters and everything works with full OSD!

i’ve read the MSP OSD — Plane documentation 50X.

Not sure what I’m doing wrong, could the MatekF405-wing firmware not contain displayport, i think it does?

What type of flight controller you are using here?

Regarding the

have you seen this: firmware limitations ?

I did check limitations, doesn’t say anything about DisplayPort? But must be the reason, there is a no OSD PLUSCODE not sure what that is?

Pluscode is just a different representation of the GPS coordinates, it has nothing to do with your problem.

The Display Port OSD should work with this:
MSP_OPTONS=0 (Ardupilot Fonts) or =4 (Betaflight Fonts)