HC-05 bluetooth not loading parameters

Using KakuteH7v2 Arducopter v4.3.2 firmware. Ive added a HC-05 bluetooth module to SERIAL2. My windows 11 machine has built in bluetooth and connects to the device. In mission planner I can connect to the bluetooth COM port but it gets stuck reading parameters.

I am definitely receiving data as I can see messages and the flight display moves with the motion of the drone (its much laggier than USB though) but the getting parameters dialog box doesnt budge. HC-05 is default set to 9600 baud, ive set the windows driver to read at 9600 baud and MP to read at 9600 (Screenshot shows 38400 but the same happens)

SERIAL2 params:

Is there a particular setting im missing?

No help for that problem but I ditched BT radios years ago for ESP8266 WiFi modules.

Ive never used WiFi modules. Is the ESP8266 plug and play? (ignoring calibration etc.) or do I need any other hardware to go along with it?

My entire aim is to just record logs and see live data remotely

Ive just decided to buy a SIK radio instead, so i guess thats that haha.

If you want to see live data remotely it’s the best choice. BT and the ESP8266 modules are 100m at best range. They are good for configuration and calibration.

But no other hardware required for the ESP8266. They are dirt cheap and can be easily flashed with the required firmware.

I get most of the telemetry I need on my Transmitter.

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The only thing that annoys me about using wifi is it usually stops the internet on your phone working as its not getting internet from the wifi connection.

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Yea, agreed the use case is somewhat limited.

@geofrancis @dkemxr,
check your mobile data use settings on my note 20 ultra I am able to set what apps use mobile data even when connected to wifi from ardu related devices or any device that doesn’t provide wifi. Again this is probably very dependent on what phone you have. On any of my apple devices (iPads) I do not see this anywhere and seems like you cannot do it, maybe its possible with a 3rd party app but I have not found one yet.

Also you may want to look at the ESP32 projects that provide telem. There are branches of the original mavesp8266 projects that have added esp32 support such as the skybrush.io version of it but you will have to compile it yourself. Also with ESP32 there are so many different version that some work and some do not, best to stick with ones that each have tested. I have had good luck with dronebridge and the skybrush esp32 version which also supports turning the UAS power on/off remotely (more of a light show function). Dronebridge provides precompiled releases which many find easier. At some point the skybrush features will be added back to the master of the esp8266 but right now its not. I have some of them compiled for specific ESP32’s but again only tested with the ones I have and there are so so many variants. One of the nice things I have seen with dronebridge is they have a parameter that allows you to add what pins the TX and RX are connected to which allows some flexibility between different vendors and pinouts.

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Unfortunately there is no standard setting for that function, its different on each phone and version of android.