Having trouble getting Satellite lock (3D Lock) inside your basement lab?

I thought this may help anyone struggling to get Sat inside the house “or” some dungeon lab you design and build your quads and planes and running into problems for not getting enough sat counts for bench testing etc.

I have been using this product for over a year and works flawlessly. I get all the available sat. inside my downstairs lab. Link below. the supplier offers two different external cable lengths.

The device is basically rebroadcasting the sat using its own antenna. off course the sat position will be off by many feet therefore, inside Mission planner when you see your craft, it will appear wherever you will mount the receiving antenna not where the craft is sitting on your bench :slight_smile: kind of fun!!

The antenna doesn’t need to be on top of some roof. I just used a PVC pipe from Home depot, about 4 ft. high above the ground mostly to keep my backyard rabbit to stop chewing on coax wire…


That is the interesting Way . I wonder in this system we cant use this for flight test and loiter mode ?!

Wouldn’t make much sense. Your drone changes position, but its GPS position will remain the same. Sounds like a crash waiting to happen.

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What a useless piece of kit.

I think this system can be developed to get the real time Location . If this gone work in future it will be more usefull for indoor Testing, the point is it doesnt need to Add extra Modules or other things on your Drone for indoor flight . But it is obviously is useless With it conditions today .

The point is you need the vehicles location not some remote location. Like I said, useless.

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One of the buildings I work in has a GPS repeater for other non-drone work. The other hardware in question doesn’t move so it works great for them but it’s a real PIA for me.

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How could it possibly know the real time location of the drone? Stationary GPS repeaters have their use cases, but indoor flying it is not.

Recently I am Working on it . Hopes its Going Well . I will Open the Topic if it Works Fine and share a Data . it based On using Three Stationary GPS Repeater to Make Delta that helps the Receiver can calculate its Real Time Location .

I can’t say that I’m convinced, but I’ll be impressed if it does work, good luck!