Having issues setting up pixhawk to use retractable landing gear

So ive ben trying to do this for a few months now and keep getting no where and setting it back off aside.
Need to get this bird in the air…

Been using this page to setup the parameters. http://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/landing-gear.html

So ive set my channel 8OPT channel to landing gear, Set the SERVO9_FUNCTION to 29 since the servo cable is plugged into AUX1.

Ive set the LGR_SERVO_DEPLOY to 1400 and LGR_SERVO_RTRACT to 1800.

On my taranis X9D, the switch goes from 1375 to 1800pmw.

So what am I doing wrong that my restractable landing gear wont work? Im at a loss here on what to do…

It has the required 5v to it. I dont know what im doing wrong, I really need to use this drone…

Pressed the unlock switch ? It needs to be pressed to enable AUX out.

Other than that it all looks ok.But what hardware are you using ?

I had a similar issue. Use servo 7 or 8 and see if it works. You don’t have to change your ch_opt channel. Just your servo out channel. I believe it has something to do with the aux channels not being initialized.

Check LGR_STARTUP. If this parameter is set to 0 you have to “arm” the landing gear by cycling the landing gear switch to Retract and then back to Deploy.

When you test the gear make sure you have the aircraft supported so the gear is free to operate.

If your gear goes up when they should go down and vice versa, swap the Deploy and Retract PWMs.

alright let me try to reply to these. So using the pixhawk 1(i think thats what its called, the one before the new pixhawk 2.1) Im on a tarot frame using the small tarot retractable landing gear, Controlled with dragonlink and using a frsky taranis radio.

So yes I have pushed the arm button on the pixhawk, it lights up solid red instead of flashing (no beeping)

Can you explain what you mean by using servo 7 or 8 BNSGEYER? Basically use one of the plugs were the motors go? If the AUX channels arent being initialized, how do I find out whats causing them not too?

OldGazer: I did check that, I member it was set to “0” but I changed it to “2” with still nothing changing.
The servo motors dont even attempt to move. I checked the signal output on the AUX1 with my voltmeter and no change. The value stays the same.

I know the landing gear does work 100%, becuase I can plug them into my other drone running Naza V2 and I can move them (thats how I got them to deploy so I can work on the drone lol)

Yes if there is one that is available. If you have a octocopter or octaquad then this isn’t an option for flight. You could temp reassign the servo8 channel to landing gear to see if it works. That would confirm that it is a aux port issue. If you do have servo8 open (no motor assigned) set the servo8_function param to 29 (landing gear).
Also rather than using a voltmeter to see if the landing gear is getting a signal, go into the status tab under the HUD in mission planner. You will see a listing of the real time values for a bunch of parameters. You’ll look for ch8_out and ch9_out. Check to see if they are a non zero value. Should be something between 1000 and 2000.

I didn’t say you had to change that parameter, I just wanted you to be aware of what the default behavior is, which is to wait for the pilot to cycle the gear switch from Deploy (Gear Down) to Retract (Gear Up) and then back to Deploy. At this point Pixhawk knows what position the landing gear are in, which should be Deployed (Gear Down).

Besides the other parameters that we have already checked, look at LG_SERVO_DEPLOY and LG_SERVO_RETRACT. I have mine set for 1000 and 2000 respectively.

I have my Taranis setup with a switch assigned to “toggle” Channel 8 from 1000 to 2000. I have the Channel 8 option set to Landing Gear.

When the switch is OFF (Pushed away from me), Channel 8 output is 1000 (LOW). When I turn the switch ON (Pulled towards me), Channel 8 output is 2000 (high). Each time the PWM signal crosses 1500 the gear moves.

I have had the hardest time trying to set the parameters on my taranis to those types of values.
How did you get your channel 8 to 1000 and 2000?

Ive only got mine too 1375 to 1885.
Maybe that is my problem?