Having issue with ESC calibration

Having a tough time getting a 4in1 ESC working with my quadplane. Have tried all the calibration processes etc. Tried PWM and dshot. Behavior is that I can not get full power. In motor test I can’t get any power above approx 20%. Verified servo output range is appropriate in ardupilot and in the esc. It seems like upon boot the flight board is not booting quick enough to send a throttle signal or it is sending the wrong max signal when booting.

Also, at times I can get full power but it seems to be related to having the flight board powered on by usb before connecting power to the esc. In this case I get the boot tones and ready tones quickly. As opposed to other times the boot tones go off, then quite some time before the board boots and the esc gives the ready tones. The motor tester in blheli suite works fine.

In summary it is like the ESC is only seeing 20% throttle at any time from the flight board whether trying to lift off after arming or using the mission planner motor tester. Thanks for any advice.

Well, seems the blheli motor tester doesn’t work properly every time either. I have tried unchecking throttle cal enable as well.

SOLVED: “Turned off Low RPM Power Protect” in blheli. Hoped this helps someone else. It was driving me nuts.