Having 2 different loiter modes

Hi guys,

I’m curious as to whether anyone has ever set up 2 different loiter modes, with varying control speeds? My question arises due to the nature of my clients’ spraying application with our big spray drone… basically we need to keep the copter at 4.5 mph to get 5 gallons per acre for killing brush. Sometimes we will run out of herbicide with our drone being up to 1500 feet out and we want to get the drone back quicker as to save battery life and cut down on time in general. Our advanced pilots have just been switching from loiter at 4.5mph to pos hold… however, the problem is with the radical change in speeds between the two modes and we want to be able to tone it down for better control.

Is there any discussion yet as to making a second loiter mode, or have any of you done it yourselves before?

Thanks in advance,


Just a thought, but RTL has separate speed parameters, would that not do for returning at a better speed, and it would automatic. :slight_smile: