Have anyone heard of or tried Simnet?

I recently saw an ad on Youtube about Simnet.aero looks like a simulator that is designed for arduplane and arducopter… But I can’t find anything on the internet other than the company’s website.
Has anyone tried it or found out more about it?


Simnet are ArduPilot Partner, they indeed provide simulation with their own physic engine for ArduCopter and ArduPlane

Good to know! Wish their website has more info before i sign up for their service.

I am using Simnet and it is good so far. There are some useful optimized and predictions features that are closed to the real model.

Hey Vu, thanks For the info. Is the system completely self-contained and simulate autopilot, mission planner, vehicles, and the environment?

It is just like the SITL but online rather than being locally. When you run a simulation session on SIMNET, it provides you an IP address. You will use the Mission Planner or QGC to connect via TCP.