Has there been anyone developing RTL that follows waypoints?

Just asking in case if anyone has been working on it or if anyone knows about it, i have a slight need for that function. Else, i will try to work on it myself someway, somehow.

I’ve a few things developed around that concept, but the initial concept is in fact a regular mission :slight_smile:

Oh, nice to hear that, do you mind sharing the concept/idea on how you work on it or how it’s done?

Frankly speaking, i’m looking for a bit of help so i can do quick start to try developing some working functions for the copter.
Because, tbh, i’m quite new to this. Been studying / tweaking / testing here and there a bit but i’m yet to have my hand on on RTL part. and this function here is what i’m trying to achieve for now.

Thx for letting me know that it’s possible regardless :slight_smile: