Has there been a change to Autotune procedure?

Has the autotune procedure changed in 4.x?

In 3.x you hover in poshold, flip the autotune switch high to activate AT. Once it was successful you flipped it low then high to try the new settings. Land and then disarm to save.

Now in 4.x after autotune finishes and you flip the switch low then high it starts AT all over again.

If you land and disarm it does save the successful AT settings however

Also I just noticed that the new settings were not saved

I don’t believe that there has been a change in the Autotune procedure except to make v4.0 behave exactly as the wiki describes.

I know this process works in v4.0 as I have just done it, twice. Take off in Stabilise mode, switch to Altitude Hold mode, switch to Autotune. When you get the Autotune completed message and tones, you can flip the switch low and then high again to test the new PIDs. If you are happy with the new PIDs, just land (still in Altitude Hold mode) and disarm. The new PIDs will be saved … :grinning:

While I agree that’s how it is supposed to work, its not how it works in 4.0.1-latest

I have done an autotune many times, but something is diff in this build…

Here is a log snippet… You can see it finished, I fliped the switch like I always do… But it started autotune again.

|14:06:19|AutoTune: Success|
|14:06:32|AutoTune: Stopped|
|14:06:33|AUTOTUNE: pilot overrides active|
|14:06:34|AUTOTUNE: pilot overrides active|

I am sorry but I tested this using Master in Alt-Hold, Loiter and Pos Hold and I got the correct behaviour in each case.

I would need to see your log.

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No worries. I will retest this weekend and see what I find

Hi all,

I ran the autotune on copter 4.0.2 from loiter. I was tuning each of the axes separately, roll, pitch, then yaw. From qgroundcontrol I can see that autotune was successful.

I flippled the switch low then high then switched to land mode. When the vehicle landed it of course automatically disarm.

However looking at the pids I found them to be unchanged. Should I have just stay in loiter and land instead?

Pls don’t switch to Land Mode. Land the copter manually & disarm.

I figured that could have been the problem. Thanks for the confirmation.

Since when this is a problem? Is this new to 4.0? Because from 3.3 to 3.6 I did lots of autotunings, and in most cases, I finally switched to land mode (with autotune trigger high). And I never had any problems that the new pids weren‘t saved.

This time round, I landed the vehicle in loiter manually and disarm. Now it retained the new pids.