Has someone tested the RTK-1010 module from LOCOSYS?

Hey guys, I’ve been looking around for alternatives to the f9p, since right now I mainly need something to give me data for ppk after a flight. My goal is to build a system like the emlid reach m2 for my dji air 2s. But it would be lovely, if I could later trynsfer it to my own diy drone, since the dji ecosystem is limiting. Right now this is purely educational, so I would like to try and go the diy way.

After some extensive research I found two options. RTK modules from locosys, I can get these locally, but I would have to design my own pcb (might be bothersome, but doable) or try to order a skytraq module, but the 60 usd shipping hurts.

Does anyone have experience with the RTK line from LOCOSYS or some alternatives?

I decided to make a list of useful resources:
Guide to gps board design (gold in my opinion, but i am not knowledgeable in rf pcb design)

Navspark/skytraq alternative:

Allystar alternative:



have you got a price for those locosys modules? I had a look but all I seen was links for enquires.

Local store has them for cca 50 euros in the single band variant and 64 for the dualband variant.

Further, I’ve checked and the insides of the module are most likely not based on mediatek solution (they have been apparantely known for some issues) and according to the datasheet it is able to tx rinex messages.

Sadly I guess I will have to design the pcb, but it should not be that big of an issue, as long as the rf traces are straight. I will have to find more info about rf pcb design. I might pick up the usb eval kit that comes with a nice antenna but that is about 150€.

I have found another module that might me interesting for budget multi band rtk/ppk


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Have you tested the module or the eval kit?
I just bought the module and I will test on a breadboard, not ideal but a test is a must before pcb design.
I should have all the parts by the end of september.

Not yet, I ordered an eval bundle for the rtk1010 module but I am still waiting for it. Could you post the results of your testing? I might have to go the breadboard/diy pcb route too, if they are not able to fulfill my order.

Today I received the module and I soldered the serial communication pins to an FT232RL to test the communication between the LOCOSYS Firebird software with the module but no luck. I’m not getting any data and I tested the current consumption of the module and it stays at 0 mA. I’ve contacted the seller and I’m still waiting for a reply

Yesterday I got a reply from LOCOSYS, it turns out that V_bckp has to be connected. So I was able to connect to the computer and get some data to the LOCOSYS Firebird software.
Now I’m waiting to get the antenna parts.

May I ask where did you order yours?

Kicad board for RTK-1010

Licence unclear: GitHub - MS71/RTK1010Board: Arduino Compatible RTK1010 Board/PCB

@samuk great job, I think I will get these manufacutred, since the test kit I ordered is still out of stock.

@Loki2020 I ordered it at www.neven.cz

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Just to be clear I didn’t design this board, I just found it and thought it looked good…

I made the pcb in context of openmower project.
So far it is working. Still working on the esp fw
I have some bare pcbs left.