Has PixHawk (analog) RSSI been implemented?

I’d like to replace my APM with my PixHawk on my quadcopter, but before I do it, I need to know if (analog) RSSI has been implemented yet? If not, then I’ll just keep in on the shelf for the time being.
I’ve read scattered messages that PWM RSSI has not been implemented yet, but nothing about analog RSSI.

I thought this was an easy question.
I tested PixHawk with the 3.1.2 firmware and analog RSSI connected but Mission Planner displays no rxrssi.
I also set RSSI_PIN to 103 in the full parameters list.

Edit: found the rxrssi is being displayed in the “Status” tab. That’s weird. I saw a screenshot of someone elses MP where it was displayed in the artificial horizon window.

You can show it on the artificial horizon by right-clicking and selecting “user items”