Has anyone used the Tyco Terrain Twister

My wife brought home from a garage sale a Tyco Terrain Twister. I tried it in snow and what a blast that was. Put a camera on it ran it around for over 1 hr on a 4000ma 7.4v battery I had laying around. I already fly APM Hexacopter, so my next thought was APM on the Tyco Terrain Twister. Before I start from scratch to do this, I thought I would see if anyone has done anything similar. Attached is photo of Terrain Twister that I have to modify or break. Any ideas or thoughts would be welcomed.

This chassis would be an ideal candidate for the ArduRover2 skid steering function.
TCIII ArduRover2 Developer

I was thinking about doing exactly this for a side project to some upcoming fieldwork in Antarctica. Was also considering using something like amain.com/Kyosho-Blizzard-SR … Hz/p214454 . Would be very interested to hear if you make and progress, and I’ll let you know if I start working on anything.

I like your idea also. Toys in the winter can make the long winter fun. Just
ask my snowmobile…ha. The reason I was playing more with this Terrain
Twister toy is that I want to build a one man unit that works like the Tyco
toy. But start small and learn a little and my full size unit will be much
better. I see several full size units have already been built starting back
in the 20s. Keep me updated on your progress as it looks like it could also
be fun for the winter. If you need any help, don’t hesitate to email me. If you
find any info please share this way also. I will be back to my project when
winter hits.
Thanks WrongWay