Has anyone used flow meters/ sensors to measure fuel burn rate?

Hi there!

I would like to equip my team’s quadplane with a fuel monitoring system. One of the sensors I have been considering is a liquid flow meter. By using the flow meter to measure the volume of fuel drawn out of the tank, I would be able to estimate the amount of fuel left in the tank.

One flow meter that I have been looking at is this one by Bio-tech

Does anyone have experience using such flow meters/sensors for fuel consumption estimation? I would like to ask about how accurate they are, and for some pointers with regards to installation.

Thank you!

I’ve tried using them with the Gas Suite on helicopters and it didn’t work. Fuel flow isn’t high enough with a piston engine in a 800-class machine to be accurate.

We use the clock. Fuel burns at 22cc/minute in our 800’s. 2.4L of fuel is good for 1.5 hours with 20 minutes reserve. It’s always accurate within ~2 minutes.

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