Has anyone successfully used Castle Creations 35s ESCs with 3.3.3?

Forgive my newness, This is my first build.
Brand new authentic PIXHAWK on an Talon 650 frame, running in an X8 configuration
I purchased the bundle packs of ESCs an everything works great until it comes to calibrating the ESCs.
I determined by searches that the auto calibration in Mission Planner does not work
But hooking to the ESCs with Castles Data link cable and software do not readily reveal the prolem

I have read some people using parameter changes but did not understand them
Others seem to have solved the problem by doing something in the radio.

Their documentation and support appears to be for helos not so much for multirotors

Any insites would be greatly appreciated

Something I can actually help with as I used to have these. Castle Creations ESCs have fixed endpoints. Calibrating will do you no good. There are some changes you’ll need to make to your radio to make these work after you calibrate the radio. It depends on the radio you have. On the Taranis you’ll need to modify the outputs to make sure low throttle is 1106, mid is around 1500 (1492 is what mid was for me) and top is 1886I think.

I will say this much - do NOT use these ESCs with any motors below 580kv. They work great with Sunnysky 580kv, but when I decided to change to a different setup, I could never get these to work right and wound up getting Xrotor 40A. Has to do with the timing I think. Could never find a solution for Tarot 380kv motor.

It was an expensive lesson, as these ESCs are much more expensive. They’re quite configurable, but my observation is that CC makes great ESCs for land and marine solutions, and maybe co-ax/single-ax helis, but they’re just now entering the multi market and think they may have jumped in a bit too fast trying to capitalize on it before they were ready.

This was the output screen of the Taranis that ultimately worked for me.

Taranis settings for throttlle endpoints CC35

For those running Castle Creations ESCs grab the new firmware v5
fixes everything up