Has anyone else had an frisky x8r fail?

Finally got amp 2.8 set up and flying well. I have used this x8r in same plane for months now with no problem. Had several flights with apm connected just not tuned right. Was having a great flight, RTL worked beautifully. (the main reason i wanted pilot) then right above my head my radio loses signal. Gone, nothing. Plane went into RTL and started circling above (perfect right?) but my taranis radio had zero connection. It didn’t give the “signal strength warning” it just cut off. When i realised the plane was safely circling i tried switching radio off and on again, twice but nothing. Panic was setting in. My mac was still connect with apm planner and in my panic i could not think what to do? (any tips here would be appreciated also) I got the idea to disarm plane and it then came gently down into the soft branches of a 30ft tee tree. Little damage thankfully. Once retrieved i plugged batter back in and it bound with taranis as per usual. There were no lose connections and antenna were exactly where they had been mounted. So my questions are how do i know if this x8r is to blame? Would you use it again? Could it be the taranis? Could the plane have been landed using Planner? Has anyone else had a similar failure? Thanks in advance.

I have 3 X8R units and two radios and have had no failures. The only issue I know of is the XJR unit may come lose and stop working but have not had that happen.


Thanks Mike. What is the XJR unit? Is that a part of the x8r?

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Sorry, the XJT module on the back of the radio that pairs with the receiver.