Has anyone connected via wifi?

Has anybody connected to Droidplanner via wifi with this or similar?

I am having two issue. One I can’t seem to get DP to connect sometimes. It says no route to server?? yet other times it works right away. It will usually connect great the first time but takes many tries later. I set it up with Cool-term like this

Soft AP mode

set ftp address 0
set ftp filename wifly-EZX-AP.img
set dns name rn.microchip.com
ftp update
factory R
set uart baudrate 57600
set wlan join 7
set ip dhcp 4
set ip address
set ip net
set ip gateway
set ip proto 2
set wlan channel 11
set wlan APMNetwork
save softap

The other issue [ as I have posted below ] is I can’t get DP to use offline maps! FRUSTRATING!! I think I have the correct files in the right location but no luck. So I’m at the point I don’t know if it’s something I’m not doing right or if it’s an issue with DP. If it’s an issue with DP I’d like toy know so it can get listed as an issue and in the pipeline to get corrected. Sure wish I knew how to write code so I could help but I’m just a lowly carpenter.

If anybody has connected DP with wifi please post good or bad outcomes

Running vs DP 2.3.3

Stefan if this isn’t the right forum just shoot me this time and get it over with :laughing:

Anybody?? Dang this bugs me!!