Has anyone attempted to make a hex for the Flightone(raceflight) revolt v2 board?

I impulse purchased a raceflight revolt v2 board from hobbyking. Getfpv says the board has 16mb of flash, so ardupilot should fit, I’m not sure about any mission data…

I can’t find anything published online, even about someone failing to flash it with ardupilot. I’m hoping someone here will have some information, even if it is as pessimistic as “I tried. Board is crap, it can’t be flashed.”

It uses the raceflight/flightone configurator natively, but someone said it could be used with betaflight.

I want to use it to make an antenna tracker for my pixhawk 2.4.8 power glider, but being able to load it with ardurover and slap it into my r/c car chassis would be fun too.

IDK if it will be helpful, but I’m pasting the boards specs from getfpv here:
LED Driver for WS2812b programmable LED
Infrared LED Race Transponder support – no need for separate transponder
SBUS Inversion
Future iPhone and Android configurator support
High Speed 32khz gyro, lowest noise floor and highest sensitivity gyro ever used
Through hole solder pads – forms an I-Beam when soldered for extra strength
FrSky Taranis, Spektrum, Futaba, JR, IBus, Sbus and other radio support
Integrated buzzer driver
Voltage and current ADC pins, for full voltage and current monitoring
Full telemetry output support
ESC flashing and configuration built into configurator
Most active software development
Selectable 3.3 voltage
3 serial uarts
Bluetooth expandable
F4 processor
16mb of flash memory
GPS expandable
Dimensions: 36mm x 36mm
Mounting holes: 30.5mm squared to center of holes

Hi Justin,

This is referring to the SPI flash typically used for on-board logging. The microcontroller is a STM32F405 which has 1MB of program flash and is capable of running Ardupilot minus a few features.

If you can determine which pins are used for which functions then creating a hwdef to compile Ardupilot with should be fairly easy.

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If it doesn’t have a barometer use one of the targets for reference where that’s the case or you will get initialization errors.