Harmonic notch help

I recently switched from 12.5" tri props to 13" duel props… The previous notch filter @xfacta helped me with was working great…without adjusting previous HNTCH, I attempted a first flight after reducing roll and pitch PIDs due to oscillation (copter is now a bit lighter)
I was hoping someone could have a look and tell me the values to use for HNTCH. First hover flight this morning with mild wind (5mph) with fft logging
Attached is the log- Morning_FFT
below are the settings I was guessing at - I do have another log I can post with the settings as seen below if needed.

84Hz looks good to me for the center frequency. You could update the INS_HNTCH_REF (~.20) and these:

Thanks Dave
She is flying pretty good again, and much quieter with the mejzlik props. very low vibes… got to have some fun with it :slight_smile: