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Hardware selection

Hi everyone.

I’m jsut getting started in the ardupilot world. I bought one month ago an Arducopter board APM 2.8

It’s a boat with 2 motors, skid steering. With manual goes well, but when i switch to auto doesn’t work well. I was looking through this forum, the website and some videos in youtube and i realised that probably the first mistake was to buy that board that seems obsolete. Misison planner tells me that it’s old so i can’t install the latest firmware. Also, when i go to mandatory hardware doesn’t appear things like frame type or in servo and motors i can’t change any of them to tell the board it’s skid.

So i think that i should buy a new one, i was seeing the PixHawk 4 or Pixhawk Cube, any suggestions?

Or maybe am i doing anything wrong in Mission planner?

Thank you so much

Yes you will need new hardware. Both boards that you mentioned are good options.

I would go with the cube.

I keep on looking characteristics and prices. The Cube seems the best with more interfaces, but it costs 260. The Pixhawk 4 costs 170.

Then, i also saw the Pixhawk 2.4.8 for 60 euro. I don’t know if for this simple project i need the best one. In the future i would like to put wi-fi connection with an online camera, echosounder and maybe other few things, so if the 2.4.8 is not suited for this maybe bettere going with the Cube

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