Hardware selection

Hi everyone.

I’m jsut getting started in the ardupilot world. I bought one month ago an Arducopter board APM 2.8

It’s a boat with 2 motors, skid steering. With manual goes well, but when i switch to auto doesn’t work well. I was looking through this forum, the website and some videos in youtube and i realised that probably the first mistake was to buy that board that seems obsolete. Misison planner tells me that it’s old so i can’t install the latest firmware. Also, when i go to mandatory hardware doesn’t appear things like frame type or in servo and motors i can’t change any of them to tell the board it’s skid.

So i think that i should buy a new one, i was seeing the PixHawk 4 or Pixhawk Cube, any suggestions?

Or maybe am i doing anything wrong in Mission planner?

Thank you so much

Yes you will need new hardware. Both boards that you mentioned are good options.

I would go with the cube.

I keep on looking characteristics and prices. The Cube seems the best with more interfaces, but it costs 260. The Pixhawk 4 costs 170.

Then, i also saw the Pixhawk 2.4.8 for 60 euro. I don’t know if for this simple project i need the best one. In the future i would like to put wi-fi connection with an online camera, echosounder and maybe other few things, so if the 2.4.8 is not suited for this maybe bettere going with the Cube

You may have an issues with clones
Not 100’% guarantee, I throw one few weeks ago because of bad sensor!
Sometimes they works!

The different between the cube and the old one is the IMU damping technology…

I personally never had problems with the pixhawk 2.4.8…

I agree. I have 3 of those and they have all worked well. On a Rover/boat that can’t fall from the sky I think it’s a good low cost option. Or look at one of the AIO boards. I like the Kakute F7.

A really cheap board is the Omnibus F4 Pro…

Indeed. I like the F7 boards for more flexibility with the UARTS but you are right they are cheap and functional. I have a Omni F4 Nano V6 and that tiny cheap board works pretty well!

Yes, get a Pix 2.4.8 or any of the F7 boards available. I like Kakute boards however I think Matek F765 Wing might be a good choice also.