Hardware safety switch not working

I’m trying the 4.1 beta on a Pixhawk 4 mini and I cannot arm, it does not react to pressing the safety switch on the gps module. The motors keep beeping like they get no signal. Even if I disable the arming checks entirely, when trying to arm, I get the arming tone from the buzzer, but still no motor output.
On the stable release (4.0.7) everything works fine with the same parameters and settings - even after downgrading from 4.1 everything works right away.

What could be the problem here?

There was a safety switch bug that should be fixed in the next beta

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In my case, the safety switch (using the pins of GPS1 connector) works as expected with 4.1.0-beta1. Can you give more details, in which configuration you see that bug?

I just installed the dev version and it works fine now.

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Great, thanks for re-testing. -beta2 should be out tomorrow some time.

Also safety LED is not working onCUAV x7