Hardware Lockout

Okay so the wiring to the Illuminated button (Kill/takeoff switch etc) happened to get close to my 12s Lipo supply connection and somehow shorted thru the insulation of the wiring. I witnessed the spark out of the corner of my eye as I was connecting the battery and could I here see clear burns on the insulation after the event. The FC is not working and has a solid to fast pulsing green led on the cube. Looking thru the documentation, it states that there is a hardware Lockout feature that can be reset when the power surges. It states on previous Pix hawk boards there is a reset button but not on my my Orange Cube Pilot Pix hawk version. It also states the hardware Lockout can be reset using the software. The orange cube lights are solid to fast pulsing green when plugged in with USB. Its not responding to connection attempts. Is the board toast or is the hardware Lockout in play and if so how can I reset hardware lockout?

The flight controller is probably dead, 40V through a data pin is terminal damage.