Hardware help ....... please

I’m completely new to this. I have a bait boat that I have built and I have toyed with the idea of putting an auto pilot on the boat. Having just opened the boat up to replace a motor, I think the time is right to give it a go.

I was just about to click buy on a kit on eBay (APM 2.8) and then I saw a comment on here about it being obsolete… is it worth buying the pixhawk 4 GPS kits on eBay or am I better off sourcing each component separately?

Basically, I’m looking to create an autopilot, I guess using mission planner so that the boat automatically goes to a set point, drops the bait hopper and then automatically comes back.

Any help would be greatly appreciated



Definitely don’t buy an APM, those have been obsolete for some years. I suppose what you are looking at on eBay are what are generically called “Pixhawk PX4”? Pixhawk 4’s are from HolyBro and are a different level of quality (much higher). The “PX4” kits can be fine for an application like yours. They are cheap and most find them to work fine. Others will say they are of poor quality, but they have worked OK for me.

That’s brilliant! Thanks for your help