Hardware and software config for follow me, with GPS and visual follow


Can somebody point me the good direction? I want to build a quadcopter with an rpi3 and I think with an ardupilotmega FC To be able to make a vision tracking (follow me) and a gps follow me system (eg the GPS in my android phone). And I want to see the telemetry data on my phone too.
But I dont know that maybe ardupilot with ardupilotmega and a raspberry pi 3 with maveric or flytos is good for that. So what is the needed hardware and software components for thees setup? (Or I can use any FC with a raspberry pi like an omnibus f4 pro?)

Is this functionality available with open soucre softwares?


Yes, it can be done with open source SW. And yes ardupilot Firmware can do that.
You should use Arducopter 3.6.0 or newer. And a RPI 3B with an Omnibus F4 Pro should suffice.

Thanks! Its a good news.

A have the rpi now. What sofwares need I use on the rpi 3b and on the android phone to make it work?

And what hw do you recommend to the radio communication to the ground station? (Stg mavlink thing?) I have a spectrum dx7s radio controller now.

rpi3 should be running pymavlink and/or dronekit-python and/or mavproxy.
Android should run qgroundcontroll
And you should use an 3DR radio or RFD868+ or RFD900+ for the mavlink communication

Thanks, I checked the softwares but I not see any visual tracking solution ready to use.