Hard crash due to servo failure?

After dozens of successful flights I mounted a Lidar and upgrade to 3.8.4 .

I was in FBWA and after a turn the plane suddenly fall on his right side and point his nose to ground .
After crash examination showed that left V-Tail surface had the servo connector disconnected, it is possible that it had happened during flight

Looking at log there are a few things I cannot explain.

  1. the minimum airspeed is set to 10 ms but during flight the airspeed went to 7 prior to crash, in previous flights anti stall worked fine and when the plane was stalling the system point the nose down and recover

  2. RCIN.C1 at 333.6 seconds went to 980 for 3 seconds , I did not gave full left aileron command, , after the crash the value returns to 1500, but I can be wrong and gave full aileron command.

  3. Att.Pitch around 332.5 begun to point down probably to gain speed , as Des.Att.Pitch show, but then continues till the ground, RCIN.C2 is at 1500 during descent while RCOUT.C2 and RCOUT.C4 are almost at limits while Des.Pitch drop to zero.

My understanding of the crash is that after a turn I gave some pitch command the plane loose speed and when it was almost stalling, perhaps left V-tail servo went disconnected , the autopilot was unable to keep the plane leveled but , looking at Des.Pitch , seems to drive it in to the ground.
Thanks for your suggestions

BIn file