Hand Launch in Auto

It is not really a problem, but when I do a hand launch in auto mode, then switch to FBWA, land by Hand and then try to hand-launch again (without rebooting the FC) in most cases the plane crashes by immidiately rolling to one side after the motor has started. Seems there is no new course set when switching to Auto.
Zeta fx 61
Pixracer (Clone)
AP 3.8.5 Beta2
M8N GPS/Compass
ESC Hobbywing Skywalker 50A
Turnigy 3536 1050 KV
Aeronaut 10x12 folder
4s3p LiIon Samsung E35 10500 mAh
AUW 1900g

10x12 prop, I think your pitch is too high !

I guess you have to set this parameter to restart the mission rather than resume it : Mis_Restart

BTW , I agree with kikislater your propeller pitch is really high and your propeller will stall at low speed.

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OK, will try this. Mis_Restart is set to 0 by default. Changed it to 1.
Regarding the Pitch: I limited Thr to 60% to avoid Prop stall. Hand start (first try) is easy with lots of thrust.
The reason for the high pitch is efficiency at cruise speed(16 m/s).

Thank you

60% will not be enough to make a takeoff IMO.
What about ecalc ?

OK, the parameter Mis_Restart was the reason for the crash. Set it to 1 and hand launch works as it should.
The setup is optimized for long flighttime, the hand-launch works without any problem.


Happy you have solved .

What is your cruise speed and how many watts at that speed ?

Cruise speed is set to 16 m/s using digital airspeed sensor. Flies for 100 min with the 4s 10,5 Ah LiIon, so power consumption is around 60W.