Had kind of a rough day using auto tune

It appeared to just all of a sudden stop flying. Any ideas? here are my logs. Any way I can look at the logs to see what happened?

BTW… More info I was in the auto tune flight mode.

Found several articles about autotune and the use of SimonK firmware ESC with Pancake motors of low KV. Well this pretty much describes what I saw. It in flight was pitch bucking and it appeared to all of a sudden to shut down on a back recover of the autotune. My question is why would have everything shut down and not just one motor? Is this something I just not need to use on this type of setup? Anything as far as suggestions I am open. I have finally figured out how to read the logs on a windows machine using the other software but what do I need to look for? I did notice that vibrations although on the high side of tolerance kind of swapped in mid flight. Maybe cause of the switch of roll autotune to pitch autotune?

Please let me know if you need any further information on this.

Hmm. CTUN.ThrOut hits maximum, but simultaneously all motors are at minimum. It is possible there is a bug with the stability code. I’ve forwarded this on to Leonard.

By the way, I noticed a parameter that you may’ve unintentionally set: RTL_LOIT_TIME was set to 10ms, the default is 5000ms. Perhaps you meant to set it to 10000ms (10s)?

Yes that was supposed to be 10 seconds. Guess I need to fix that. Lol Please keep me informedmas to what you see or find as I am afraid to fly it at this point.


Hi preditor4u,

I am sorry to see your crash!!

This is the classic simon K motor sync issue. The reason the motor out goes to zero while the throttle is at maximum is because the copter goes past 60 degrees.

Again, sorry about your crash.


What is the best fix for this that you would recommend? At least we know what it is. i hate those issues that none seems to know.

Hi preditor4u,

The problem is that simon K can lose sync when the throttle input is changed quickly. I know very little about Simon K. However, I do know it is a significant reliability problem on fast autopilots. The reality is that Arducopter is capable of extremely fast response times without Simon K. Simon K has no value whatsoever on copters swinging props 10 inches or above.

I understand that there you can change settings in the Simon K software but I can’t help you there.

The approach taken by others has been to test their motor prop combinations by switching their throttles between low and high throttle settings. They then make changes to their esc settings or setup.

Sorry I can’t help further!

Ok thank you very much for your help. I may just change auto pilots on this hex with another one and use this autopilot on another build.

You don’t need to Sir. I recently ran auto tune in my setup. The trick is to use a non-Simon k esc for bigger Morita and setups.

choose an ESC in this way–>
assume that one of your motors is being used on a normal 3D plane. What kind of amps will it pull?

You will end up using a 30A ESC for a motor that only pulls 10A.

my personal reasoning for doing this is because I assume that bigger ESC’s have chips and algorithms that can tank bigger props spinning up and down quickly naturally.
You don’t actually need Simon-k esc for bigger rigs, especially if you are using good enough Brushless gimbals.

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