H743 sd card problem ChibiOS Plane 4.1.0dev

recently I just made my H743, everything went well, I set the hwdef.dat file based on MATEKH743, at the first try, everything went well, serial communication, servo, telemetry, SPI, I2C, everything went well,

but as soon as i put the sd card, strange things happened, it boot up to bootloader, and then this happens

I’ve asked in gitter and even, discord, can’t find a clue, here’s what I’ve come up with,
there’s strange folder came up in the sd card called STRG_bak and it contains .bak files

can anyone help ?

A similar situation in my project. My platform was on a long mission. During it, the battery was discharged to 0. When I found it, I opened the SD card from the autopilot. Unfortunately, the logs are illegible. There is a folder on micro SD with files called STRG25.bak and many simillar, each of 16KB. How do I make a normal .bin or .log file out of it?